ENGLISH as a Second Language International University Major Programs available (SCHOLARSHIPS with GPA of 2.5)
(Information may change without notice)

Contact: for details. Please, translate all documents in foreign languages into English.

Majors offered at Some ESLI Organization Universities (Mostly U.S.)

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Accounting U
Administrative Dynamics G
– Interdisciplinary Advertising U
Agribusiness U
Agricultural Education U
Agriculture – Agronomy U
Agriculture – Business & Economics U
Agriculture – Equine Science U
Agriculture – General U / G
Agriculture – Horticulture U
Agriculture – Integrated
Pest Management U
Allied Health Sciences U
Animal Science U / G
Anthropology U
Applied Arts & Sciences U
Applied Mathematics with Computer Science U
Applied Technology (industrial science, architecture, construction) U
Architectural & Manufacturing Science (Applied Technology) U
Architectural & Manufacturing Science (Construction Management) U
Architectural & Manufacturing Science (Industrial Education) U
Art – U
Art – Advertising Design U
Art – Ceramics U / G
Art – Drawing/Illustration U / G
Art – Graphic Design /Computer Art U / G
Art – Interactive Media Design U
Art – Metalsmithing /Jewelry U / G
Art – Painting U / G
Art – Photography U
Art – Printmaking U
Art – Sculpture U / G
Art – Studio U / G
Astronomy U
Athletic Therapy U
Aviation Sciences U
Biblical Studies U / G
Biochemistry U
Biology U / G
Biology (Wildlife Science Option) U
Biology Education U / G
Biomedical Sciences U
Biophysics U
Biotechnology U
Business – Electronic Business U
Business – Entrepreneurship/Small Business U
Business Administration U / G
Business Administration – Fast Track in Health Administration G
Business Administration – Fast Track in Management G
Business Education U / G
Business Information Systems U
Chemistry U / G
Chemistry – Business U
Chemistry – Environmental U
Chemistry – Forensic Chemistry U
Chemistry Education U / G
Christianity & Culture U
Clinical Laboratory Science U
Communication Disorders U / G
Communications U / G
Communications – Corporate & Organizational/leadership U / G
Communications – Mass U /G
Communications – Production U G
Communications – Relational or Theory U
Communications – Speech G
Communications (Mass)-Broadcasting U
Communications (Mass)-Print Media U
Communications (Mass)-Public Relations U
Computer Information Systems/Technology U / G
Computer Information Systems-MBA with emphasis in Computer
Information Systems G
Computer Science U / G U
Computer Science – Geographic Information Sciences U / G
Creative Writing U / G
Criminal Justice /Criminology U / G
Dental Hygiene U
Drama U
Earth Science U
E-Business U
Economics U
Economics & Finance U / G
Education – Administration U / G
Education – Agricultural U
Education – Art U
Education – Biological Science U
Education – Business & Marketing & Info Technology U
Education – Counseling U
Education – Curriculum and Instruction G
Education – Early Childhood U / G
Education – Earth & Space Science U
Education – Educational & Behavioral Sciences G
Education – Elementary U / G
Education – English Education U
Education – Generic Special Education U / G
Education – Health U
Education – Mathematics U
Education – Middle Grades / Secondary U / G
Education – Multicultural Education G
Education – Multicultural Education with ESL G
Education – Music U
Education – Physics U
Education – Special U
Education – TESOL G
Educational Technology U / G
Engineering – Chemical U / G
Engineering – Civil U / G
Engineering – Electrical U / G
Engineering – Management G
Engineering – Mechanical U / G
Engineering Technology U / G
Engineering Technology – Electrical & Mechanical U
Engineering Technology – Electronics U
Engineering Technology – Industry & Manufacturing U
Engineering Technology – Instrumentation U
Engineering Technology – Management U
Engineering Technology – Process Plant U
Management Engineering Technology – Process Plant Technical U
English U / G
English Literature U
Environmental & Resource Economics U
Environmental Science U / G
Environmental Studies U
Equine Science Industry and Business U
European Studies U
Exceptional Children- Learning & Behavior Disorders (LBD) U
Exceptional Children-Moderate & Severe Disabilities (MSD) U
Exceptional Children- Speech & Communication Disorders U
Exercise Science U
Family and Consumer Sciences U
Fashion Merchandising (textile & apparel) U
Finance U / G
Finance & Economics U / G
Fine Arts U / G
Fire Management Administration U
French U
General Business U / G
General Business- Management G
General Business- Marketing G
General Studies U
Genetics – Recombinant U
Geography U / G
Geology U
Geoscience U / G
German U
Gerontology – Sociology U
Golf Course Management U
Government U
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration G
Graduate Certificate in Education Studies G
Graphic Design U
Health & Human Performance U / G
Health Administration U / G
Health Care Management – MBA with emphasis G
Health Promotion U
Health Sciences/Services U / G
History U / G
History Education U / G
Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management U
Human Kinetics U
Human Resource U
Management Humanities U / G
Industrial Sciences with concentration in Architectural or Manufacturing U
Industrial Supervision/Management U
Industrial Technology U / G
Industrial Technology – Construction & Mining U / G
Instructional Technology G
Interdisciplinary G
International Business U / G
International Studies U
Journalism U
Journalism & Computer Publishing U
Kinesiology U
Liberal Studies U
Library Science U / G
Linguistics U
Management U / G
Management Information Systems (MIS) U
Mariculture G
Marketing U / G
Master of Education G
Master of Environmental Economics and Management G
Master of Nursing G
Master of Science in Environmental Science G
Mathematical Sciences – Mathematics, Computer Science or Statistics G
Mathematics U / G
MBA – FastTrack in Health Administration U
MBA – FastTrack in Management U
Mechanical Engineering Technology U
Medical Technology U
Meteorological Technology U
Mission & Anthropology U
Modern Languages U
Music U / G
Music – Theory/Composition U
Music Business U
Music Performance U / G
Music Theatre U
Music Therapy U
Natural & Applied Sciences- Physics Concentration U
Nursing U
Nursing (LVN) U
Nursing (RN) U
Nutritional Science (Dietetics) U
Occupational Therapy/Training & Development U
Philosophy U
Photojournalism U
Physical Education U / G
Physics U
Plant, Soil & Environmental Science U / G
Political Science U / G
Political Science Education G
Professional Counseling G
Psychology – Counseling U / G
Public Administration U/G
Public Health U
Public Health Administration G
Public Relations U
Radio & Television U
Radiologic Technology & Imaging Sciences U
Reading Education U / G
Recreation U / G
Religion U
Social Sciences U / G
Social Work U / G
Sociology U / G
Space Science U
Spanish U
Speech U
Speech Communications U
Speech Education U
Sports & Exercise Sciences U / G
Sports & Leisure Management U
Studio Art U / G
Teaching (MA) – Business & Marketing G
Teaching (MA) – Elementary G
Teaching (MA) – Health G
Teaching (MA) – Middle Grades G
Teaching (MA) – Physical Education G
Teaching (MA) – Secondary G
Teaching (MA) – Special G
Technical Communications U
Theater Arts U
Theology U
Urban Studies U / G
Veterinary Science U
Veterinary Technology U
Wildlife Management U
Pre-Cardiopulmonary YES
Pre-Chiropractic YES
Pre-Dental YES
Pre-Dental Hygiene YES
Pre-Dental Laboratory Technology YES
Pre-Engineering YES
Pre-Forestry YES
Pre-Law YES
Pre-Medical YES
Pre-Medical Technology YES
Pre-Optometry YES
Pre-Osteopathy YES
Pre-Pharmacy YES
Pre-Physical Therapy YES
Pre-Physician Assistant YES
Pre-Podiatric Medicine YES
Pre-Rehabilitation Counseling YES
Pre-Theology YES
Pre-Veterinary Medicine YES

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