About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2007, International Student Liaison Services was registered and licensed to recruit students globally, visitors, and Immigrants; currently serving as education consulting service provider with results-driven access to recruiting international students for institutions of learning.

International Student Liaison Services is always guided by high ethical standards and the belief that providing quality, flexible educational consulting services tailored to the needs of students, treating each student with honesty, integrity, and respect, will create a well of understanding nurtured by focused task force.

We are respected locally and globally for our professional and innovative approach to services working directly with school admissions office for the main purpose of successfully securing admissions with privileged accesses and incentives.

Our main purpose is to foster solid relationship with Colleges and Universities and creating a bond that will enhance the values of these institutions of learning with students. Giving the exact detailed information that will ease admission processing.

International Student Liaison Services also serves as representative of the Canada/US ESLI organization and all the affiliate universities with privileged right to the scholarship and fee consents allotted to merited students. Our ESLI university program is well structured to cater for even PEOPLE WITH NO ENGLISH SPEAKING ABILITY but with interest to learn. If students do well in their ESLI program they may also, receive scholarship for university major program. SCHOLARSHIPS STARTING WITH GPA OF 2.0

Our recruiting services relate to:
  • Recruiting students and processing admissions in collaboration with College or University admissions office
  • Affiliating with Secondary schools with the purpose of student recruitment. We source genuine and qualified students for different levels of programs; most especially, students for undergraduate programs between 17 and 23 years
  • Continuous aid towards student’s acclimatization (Please, this is not legal guardianship)
  • Optional motivational activities in relation to student life and studies.
  • Study visa is directly handled by immigration consultant on student’s request. (Upon successful admission into a school in Canada, student is directly connected with immigration consultant who will process study visa and if required, work permit). Success rate depends on students’ ability to meet all study visa requirements. Students may also apply for study visa at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their home country or visit www.cic.gc.ca to apply. The advantage of applying through the immigration consultant in Canada is that being immigration officer who worked with immigration Canada himself (18 years), He knows exactly what is required and will present the applicant’s best interest. Nevertheless, students must meet all requirements to be successful.

Apart from student recruitment, International Student Liaison Services also delivers such services as Tourism (Booking Guided Tour, Vancouver Harbour /Chattered Cruises, and Hotel Accommodation). Immigration services will be added in the near future for those desiring to immigrate to Canada. Immigration services are NOT operative at present.

For details in the Tourism subjects, please click to the exact web pages.

We also conduct and arrange seminars in relation to our objectives.

Education Seminar

Seminars are based on topics that participants are interested in.

Arranged visits are made to local schools or organized information sessions set for market research and sourcing of readily qualified candidates for recruitment. Successful approach to seminars is highly dependent upon critical research planning and coordinating activities to merge with objective.

On the other hand, international schools or ministry of education may request seminars for their students, staff, or management to enhance awareness on certain subject areas. This type of seminar is usually arranged to include tours and/or Harbour cruises, and paid accommodation.

Information is collected based on the reason for the seminar and planning executed around the choices to make it exciting for candidates.

Student Arrivals

Students’ yearly visits are hosted during summer break to give students the opportunity of embracing Canadian culture, education, and life-style. It helps them to make appropriate choices with regard to choosing to study in Canada. It is a combination of learning and sightseeing process.

We require early contact if these types of seminars are needed to book accommodation and make preparations for arrivals. If interested for seminar to be arranged, contact us by email for detailed information.

Our students come from around the world to study here in Canada.

Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits.