External Test

External Test

In most cases, external tests may be required as a prerequisite for a program. In this case, student must take the required test to be eligible for admission into the program; be it Master’s or undergraduate program.

Below are the different external tests and where to find them:
(Register to take these tests direct if required by program. For test help, log into the test website for help contacts)


WES International GPA Calculator for higher education (For graduate transcripts evaluation)




Required Documents for Master’s program will be based on individual school.
However, below is general information.
  • Evaluated Transcripts
  • Filled application and forms
  • Excellent three References with contact details of referees
  • Departmental requirement (program department will specify)
  • GPA score (4 on a 5-point scale) or specification on Graduate program
  • GRE Score (Graduate Records Examination) your choice of program will determine if this is required
  • Detailed Resume of job history highlighting your responsibilities or accomplishments for each position held.
  • Statement of Purpose: Describe any work experience relevant to the program and what motivated your choice for the program you are applying into (Include employer, nature of work, and dates). (Compulsory)
  • Three recent passport photographs (Scan)
  • Birth certificate
  • Photo page of international passport
Required Documents for all other admissions
  • Official Academic Records from schools attended with grades and any certificates received.
  • Filled application and forms
  • Excellent school Testimonial
  • Three recent passport photographs (scan and email)
  • Photo page of international passport
  • Reference letters with referee contact details (From Academic professors. (No relation acceptable)
  • Sponsorship/Financial capability
  • Birth certificate
  • Resume (A resume or job history highlighting responsibilities or accomplishments for each position held at school if any. Include any volunteer work or additional information that is relevant to the application. Describe any sports, community involvement, and any activities during secondary education)
  • Non-refundable application or Registration fee (value depends on individual school). Applying to University ESLI? + FCSA evaluation fee.

Please Scan and Email All Documents Individually to vitoulisc@isls.ca with your choice of program and school. If your choice of program is not listed, send it in your email.

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