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Ciccc Programs:

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Intensive English program is designed to help students improve their English language and it is in two parts –
Full time program (Day time)
Part-time program (Evening)
There is an English placement test at the time of registration to determine the appropriate English level of each student. Total duration of full time program is 12 months spread into 12 different levels with each level consisting of 4 weeks of classroom study. More details on contact.

International Business Management

International Business Management is a 12 month certificate program comprised of 5 courses and 6 months of paid work experience, designed to prepare learners for an international Business Management career in the business sector.

(6 months study + 6 months work experience).


Network and System Solution Specialist Diploma is a 56 – week (13 months study + 4 weeks work experience) program developed and tailored to meet the current industry demand for IT solutions in cloud, as well as network and system administration. Classes focus on industry recognized certification courses and skills needed for a student to build a career path in the IT industry.

(13 months study + 4 weeks work experience)


Web and Mobile APP Development Diploma is 24 – month diploma program comprised of 10 courses and 12 months of paid work internship. It is designed to prepare learners for a web application development career in the business sector; related to providing IT products and services for corporations and establishments of all sizes.

(12 months study + 12 months work experience)

Individual Courses
  • Rich Media development
  • (Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • Media development
  • Java Development
  • Android app development & Project for Android
  • C, Objective C & Swift
  • iOS app development & Project for iOS

The Hospitality Management co-op Diploma introduces aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry which are essential for those looking to move into supervisory and management positions. This program is a combination of several months’ classroom study and several months of co-op work experience. As a student, you will learn the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operations, international marketing, food preparation and service, financial analysis, accounting, front and back office operations and intercultural team dynamics.

Academic study and work experience

Two years Hospitality Management co-op Diploma
12 months academic study + 12 months work experience

One year Hospitality Management co-op Diploma
6 months academic study + 6 months work experience

Eight months Hospitality Management co-op Diploma
4 months academic study + 4 months work experience

Pathway Program to obtaining a BA

The two years Hospitality Management Diploma program at ciccc can be transferred into the third year at Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia to obtain a Bachelor’s of Art degree in

  • Global Tourism Management
  • International Hotel Management

There are international opportunities with this pathway. Students may continue their studies internationally with either Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Leura, and Sydney, Australia or Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Canton of Valais, Switzerland

There is opportunity of a one year Canadian experience translating to four months of intensive English classes to improve your English Language, and Eight months of Hospitality Management Diploma.

4 months intensive English course 4 months academic study + 4 months work experience

The above are all CICCC College Programs.


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