Students deciding where to live before arriving the location of study is an important subject that brings to mind important factors when looking for housing. Accommodation may be by on-campus housing, off-campus housing, or by Home-Stay option. While visiting parents or guardians may find comfort for a short stay in hotels or visitors’ living provided by schools.

As included in school fees, all full time students pay for and receive U-Pass that gives accessible use of transit-bus, Sky-Train, and Sea-Bus. Transitioning from one location to another is simplified by the use of U-Pass for international students and students may consult Trans-Link Canada through international school office for details on transit routes and time. Factors that will influence individual choices can be seen as location of the housing, living costs, walking distance to transit (train, buses), distance between transit routes and school, culture of the neighbourhood, room design reflecting student life, room settings (private or shared), landscape outdoor space that allows for work, rest, and play. Exciting student accommodation in a super setting environment is what each accommodation delivers to students.

Another factor to consider is weather condition. Canada in general experiences rain, sunshine, snow, and sometimes, hell in the form of very tiny stones. There is sometimes, forecast of earthquake. Taking Vancouver as an example, Vancouver is a very lovely place to live. It is warm in the summer. During spring and fall, it can be cloudy, rainy, and cold. Winter in Vancouver is bearable in comparison to most parts of Canada but can sometimes be very cold with snow. Cost of living may be a little high, but it is affordable and within reach. It boasts of many outdoor activities, historic sights, night-life, affordable eateries, shopping centers/grocery stores, and places of worship. Do you like to bike or walk; cook your own food or eat out, have control over your own utilities, rent unfurnished or furnished housing? Bear in mind, student living is more of a short-term housing so, renting furnished housing often is better and affordable. Do you prefer school housing on-campus or off-campus with all amenities provided, or do you prefer a Home-Stay with a Canadian family providing meals and snacks in addition to other (arranged) services and cultural influence?

These and other ethical influences and needs are things to consider in choosing accommodation.

Here at International Student Liaison Services, students’ accommodation placement is one of the priority services offered to all ISLS admitted students and sometimes, to their guardians. International Student Liaison Services is able to connect you with housing through schools, registered Home-Stays, and book hotels. Browse through for more information.

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