ESLI English Program

ESLI English Program

The aim of ESLI (English as a second Language International) is to provide university international students with intensives academic English preparation that they need to succeed in university. Students not intending to pursue a career path in the university also benefit from acquiring the language skills. The level of a student’s competency is determined after a mild test issued after admission.

Students can apply into one of the three paths of ESLI: English only; ESLI undergraduate degree program; ESLI Masters’ degree program.

“ESLI ONLY” means a student is applying to study the speaking of English language only.

“ESLI Undergraduate program” means a student is applying to improve English Language with the aim of coping with a university program.

“ESLI Masters’ Program” means that a graduate degree student has not submitted any external English test (IELTS or TOEFL) or has not met the required scores and needs English upgrade into the graduate program.

To apply into a graduate Master’s program, external English test score is required. In the absence of the external English score, Master’s students can apply into ESLI Master’s program.

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